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The Imperial City of Hue – a must-see attraction in Vietnam


After breakfast, we walked along the River Perfume, in the autumn flowers from orchards fall into the water giving it a perfume-like aroma. Along the way a number of Vietnamese women tried to tempt us to take a sail in an array of different wooden boats but we declined and took the bridge across to the old city instead.

Bridge over the Perfume


We joined the throngs of other sightseers making their way towards the entrance of the walled fortress. The Imperial City was the capital of the Nguyen Dynasty for 140 years from 1805 until 1945. The city is surrounded by moats and has a perimeter of ten kilometres and would make a great 10k run. It took 27 years to build (1805 to 1832) and was the largest structure to be built in the history of modern Vietnam, employing thousands of workers. Unfortunately the building was badly damaged during the Vietnam War but was made a UNESCO Site in 1993, one of seven UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Vietnam. International aid is now helping to carefully restore and preserve the buildings for the future. The cost of entry is 50.000 VND and is the best value that you will ever get for £1:70.

Here are a few photos of the place:






















and a couple of me:




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