Pottering about in the Baths

Artist at Work

Always up for something new, I signed up for a six-week beginners course of pottery at Govanhill Baths Community Trust. There were no potters wheels but, under the expert tuition of Frances Diver, there was plenty of clay, paint, enthusiasm, and talent on display, oh and free cups of coffee too. I think it’s fair to say that I wasn’t a natural potter but I still managed to make all of the things below and a few new friends too.  

All of this

I’ll be on my travels when the next round of classes starts on 29th October 2017 but if you’re around G41 then why not sign up, I’m sure that Frances would love to have you on board. In fact, if you’re free,  you’d be potty not to.  For further information Phone:0141 433 2999 or Email:info@govanhillbaths.com

and Jack too


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