I made up More-vember in order to keep myself motivated during November. I knew that it would be a tough month, as the long dark nights, cold, wind and rain combined with post holiday blues to make any training both physically and mentally challenging. It wasn’t for nothing that the Anglo Saxons called November the wind month (month). Mind you the Finns called it ‘marraskuu’ or the death month!

My goal was simple: to run and cycle more this November than any other in my life. With my records revealing that the maximum number of miles that I had run in the eleventh month of the year was 108 (176km). That said, I had only managed 79miles last year. As far as cycling was concerned my best November was last year, when I cycled some 69 miles.

Barring accidents, both targets were achievable and I’m glad to say that I’ve achieved them with some time to spare. I managed to surpass my running target on Monday 26 November, with 109 miles and my cycling target the next day, when I clocked up my 72nd mile.

My Morevember has taken a total of 22hours and 29mins and saw me covering some 181 miles. Not too bad a way to spend almost a day in the death month.

Now it’s on to December and the Marcothon.



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