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Model Shoot in Webster’s Bar and Bistro



I returned to Glasgow at the beginning of February and rejoined a number of Meet Up Groups, including Glasgow Photography: meet, learn, create. I noticed that there was a themed model shoot arranged at Webster’s Bar and Bistro in the City’s West End.

Formerly the Lansdowne Parish Church, this A-listed Gothic Revival Church was originally built by John Honeyman in 1863 and featured stained glass windows by Alf Webster, hence the name.

The shoot started at 11 a.m and there was only the three of us: Organiser, Anastazia, Keith and myself.  The model being Gravelvet.  The three of us took a range of photos, using both flash and natural light in a corner of the bar.  

With some time remaining, I suggested that we could also get some under the Kelvin Bridge, which is regularly used as a backdrop for television and movie period dramas.  

Under Kelvin Bridge


After taking a few photos in the cold, we returned to Websters for a welcome cup of hot coffee. 

Many thanks to my photographer colleagues, the model and all and the staff and customers in Websters for being so accommodating and allowing me to capture a few photographs. I hope that you like them.


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