Hell’s Lift, I’ve Written a Play

I’ve been participating in a playwriting course entitled Street to Stage and I’m pleased to have written my first short play, I’m delighted to learn that the extremely well respected Liz Caruthers of the Royal Conservatoire Scotland has agreed to direct my debut play.

Cameron Fulton












Starring Cameron Fulton, the Benny Lynch Show; Angela Cassidy, John Circle the Eighth; and Josh Whitelaw, Beats

Angela Cassidy

The play will be staged at Gowan Bank Primary School, Craigbank Drive, Glasgow G53 6RA on Sunday 18th August 2019. The evening will consist of a movie ‘The Petrified Tree’ and another short play ‘Double Dunt’ by John Paul McBride. The entertainment starts at 5:30 pm and finishes at 7:30 pm, The show is suitable for those aged 14 years and over, is free and tea and home baking will be provided during the interval.

Hell’s Lift

The powerful play is set in Glasgow in 1954.

Tommy Reid had served in the Light Infantry in Burma as a rear gunner in a tank, where he sustained an injury to his leg.

After the war, Tommy became a draughtsman and a shop steward in a Glasgow shipyard. He wanted a better life for himself and his young family. So did his wife, Mary and when she heard of new modern luxury flats being built at Moss Heights, she thought that this would be an ideal place for the Reid family. The flats were equipped with ‘all modern amenities and promised fresh air, playing fields and panoramic views, what was not to like……?

The tiny lift!



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