Female Model Shoot at Govan Old Parish Church

I had the pleasure of working with three very different female models at a group shoot in Govan Old Parish Church in Glasgow.  Pina ColAda is originally from Greece and stands at 5’1. Kat T is a 5’6 Russian blonde model and Meg Lara is 5’8, from England and designed and creates her own costumes. They were all a joy to work with.

We had hoped to capture some images around the outside of the Gothic style church, designed by architect Robert Rowand Anderson, which opened in 1888 but a heavy downpour of rain, the first in weeks put paid to that. However, the inside of the church also provides a range of different opportunities and we managed to create a few photos.

Pina ColAda 

Ada – natural light



Kat T

Kat T
Kat T



Meg Lara













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