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Dark Chocolate doesn’t need to be your Dark Secret

Do you love chocolate?  Yes, I know it’s a stupid question, of course, you do.  Well that’s all right because as long as you stick to a little dark chocolate it can be good for you.  I usually have a square with my morning pre-run coffee and another square at night with a glass f red wine.

Here’s why:

  • Other Brands are Available

    It helps you exercise longer: A study found that eating a tiny amount of dark chocolate before a workout helps fight fatigue, which means you can run a bit further before tiring. The amount used in the study was just half a square but I’m a full square type of guy. 

  • It’s stress relieving:  A study found that when highly stressed participants ate an ounce and a half of dark chocolate a day for two weeks, the level of stress hormones in their bodies dropped significantly. 
  • It’s heart-healthy: A study found that dark chocolate increases blood flow, helping keep your heart in good shape. Those who ate a small amount of chocolate a day had increased blood flow due to more dilated blood vessels as well as better heart function.  Great for runners.
  • It also lowers blood pressure: Eating dark chocolate helps your blood to release nitric oxide thereby reducing your blood pressure. 
  • It’s good with wine, dark chocolate shows off its tastes and flavours over time. This is due to how the different molecules are released as the cocoa butter melts.


You can enjoy your dark chocolate every day without having to feel guilty, but then again, maybe that’s part of the pleasure.





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Wat Bun Samphan

January 7, 2017

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