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Race Reports

Reports of races and other sporting events that we have participated in, taken photographs at or sometimes just spectated at. 

Travel Reports

Reports and photographs of our travels both within the UK and further afield.


Healthy food recipes aimed at active people, including those who enjoy cakes and chocolate.

Prose and Poems

Words, words and words.

A collection of our stories and poems for you to peruse.


An ever expanding catalogue of inspiring images from sporting events and our travels.

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Elvis Presley in Prestwick

As the noise of the DC-7 engines died, I could hear the high-pitch sound of screaming teenagers outside the aircraft […]

An Ayrshire Goudie

An Ayrshire Goudie I scanned across the silent sea, Straining my grey-green eyes as I searched for any stubborn sight […]

Sentinel Works, Glasgow

The Sentinel factory in Polmadie, Glasgow is the earliest reinforced concrete building in Scotland, built in 1903-04 by Archiebald Lietch […]

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