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PBs, Progress and Paton Pacing at the Best Wee Race in Scotland

Augustus Caesar aka Gaius Octavius

It’s now 2004 years since the death of Gaius Octavius, the first emperor of Rome who took the name Augustus, meaning ‘lofty’ or ‘serene,’ which the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar is named after.  The Chinese and others believe that the number eight brings good luck and happiness, whilst I’m not a follower of such hocus pocus, I am extremely happy with my race at the August 3k on the Green.

I had thought that the deluge of rain in the morning may have reduced the numbers participating in ‘the best wee race in Scotland’ but I was proven wrong when some 104 runners turned up to pay their £2. The rain abated as we assembled under the McLennan Arch and after a few words from Race Director, Al Murray and an officer of the Royal Highland Fusiliers (encouraging us to participate in a post race strength test) we were set on our way along the fast, flat and accurately measured 3k.

I had hoped to get to Glasgow Green at about noon and get a 5k warm-up under my belt but it was not to be and I had to settle for less than 2k. Better than some but I still started relatively slowly and there wasn’t much I could do as runner after runner seemed to shoot off leaving me in their tracks.

With my target race being Sunday’s Ayr 10k, my plan today was to get a decent performance under my belt and some much-needed race experience too. My only other ‘real race’ this year was the Roon the Toon 10k in Kilmarnock in June. I wasn’t 10k race fit then and I struggled big time in the latter part of the race. Since then, I’ve been working away on my distance, endurance, and speed.

Katherine Hylands

There was no shock in seeing Al Mclachlan and Emma Matheson (nee Kay) forging ahead of me in the early stages but I was slightly surprised to see Bellahouston Harrier, Katherine Hylands so far ahead of me. That said, I knew that she was in the form of her life and has been recording some great 5k and 10k times. We were just below King’s Bridge, at the 1k point, when I managed to catch her. She immediately tucked in behind me and I could see that she was still there at the turning point.

I tend to lift my game in the second half of the race and I did so again and so did Katherine. She kept on my tail as I plunged through puddle after puddle, whilst ducking below the overhanging branches on the narrow riverside path.

We returned to the road and back underneath King’s Bridge, I got caught behind two guys who were running shoulder to shoulder and Katherine passed me on the inside. I managed to blurt out some incomprehensible sound, which was enough for the guys to look round and open up a big enough gap to let me through. I soon caught Katherine again and noticed Emma in the distance. I focussed my attention on the newlywed and raced the final 700m trying to finish as close as possible to Emma, whilst holding off any challenge from Katherine.

It didn’t take us long to reach the final strait, where I was amazed to see Paul Houston (PB of 11:01) approaching the line. I was catching up on him when someone shouted “c’mon Ian”, which alerted him of my presence and he immediately found an extra gear and sprinted over the line, two seconds ahead of me.

I stopped my Garmin at 11:41. ‘Not too bad a time’, I thought to myself. I was happy with my performance. I had worked hard but I didn’t force myself too much and had felt reasonably comfortable throughout the race. 

I collected a couple of bottles of water and joined Emma and Katherine for some post race analysis.  Katherine was delighted, having smashed her PB of 12:06, with her time of 11:42.  Emma with a PB of 11:26, had run her second fastest ever 3k and had earned the third spot in the women’s race.

For my part, not intending to chase a PB, I hadn’t checked my previous times.  I knew that I had run sub-12min on the Green before but couldn’t recall what my 3k record was. It would be a long wait until I discovered that my last race on the Green had taken me 12:09 to complete and that my PB is 11:38. I was delighted to see so much progress, get within a whisper of my PB and to place 1st MV60+

Huge congratulations to Katherine on her great race and to all the other one hundred plus runners and many thanks to the handful of volunteers who make the event happen.



Paton’s pace takes August Gold

Struan Paton

Cambuslang’s youngster Struan Paton won the August edition of the 3k in the Green in a time of 9:14, some 21 seconds ahead of his team mate Richard Carr, with Helensburgh’s Jason Bell earning the third spot with a time of 9:45. In decent conditions, apart from the puddles and overhanging branches, the first ten finishers ran sub 10 minute times.

Women’s Result

In the women’s event, Garscube’s Lesley Chisholm earned the plaudits, winning in a time of 10:29. Skye Dick placed second with a PB of 10:45. Victoria Park’s Emma Matheson (nee Kay) secured the third spot with a time of 11:34 just ahead of Rachel Hunt (11:35).A total of 104 runners participated in the ‘best wee race in Scotland’ (1 DNF).

Full Results

1 Struan Paton Junior M Cambuslang Harriers 00:09:14
2 Richard Carr Senior M Cambuslang Harriers 00:09:35
3 Jason Bell Senior M Helensburgh AC 00:09:46
4 Steven Prentice Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:49
5 Justin Carter Veteran M 00:09:51
6 Ross MacKenzie Senior M 00:09:52
7 Richard Cooper Veteran M 00:09:54
8 Paul Kernohan Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:09:57
9 Brian Douglas Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:09:59
10 Graeme Laing Senior M 00:09:59
11 Paul Burns Senior M 00:10:05
12 Andrew White Vet M Greenock Glenpark Harriers 00:10:07
13 Finlay Finlay Senior M Garscube Harriers 00:10:08
14 Brent Brodie Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:10:08
15 Chris MacNeil Senior M 00:10:11
16 Calum Ferguson Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:10:16
17 Aidan Mccaffrey Junior M Kirkintilloch Olympians 00:10:16
18 Eddie Neilson Veteran M 00:10:17
19 Iain Nicholl Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:10:24
20 Paul O’Hare Veteran M 00:10:25
21 Craig Holmes Senior M 00:10:27
22 Lesley Chisholm Veteran F Garscube Harriers 00:10:29
23 Simon Gold Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:10:31
24 Bruce Smith Super Veteran M Carnethy HRC 00:10:39
25 Skye Dick Senior F 00:10:47
26 Raymond Farrell Veteran m 00:10:53
27 William Martin Veteran M 00:10:58
28 Mark Preston Senior M North Ayrshire AC 00:11:05
29 John McParland Senior M Motherwell AC 00:11:09
30 James Dodds Senior M 00:11:12
31 Hugh Simons Senior M 00:11:19
32 Steven Wilson Veteran M 00:11:23
33 Alastair MacLachlan Super Vet M Bellahouston RR 00:11:24
34 Peter Jardine Super Veteran M Victoria Park 00:11:26
35 Nick Ruane Veteran M Jog Scotland 00:11:27
36 Nigel Munro Super Veteran M Edinburgh AC 00:11:31
37 Emma Matheson Senior F Victoria Park 00:11:34
38 Rachel Hunt Senior F 00:11:35
39 Jean Yves Daniel Super Veteran M 00:11:36
40 Stuart Donald Senior M Garscube Harriers 00:11:37
41 Steven Grant Veteran m 00:11:38
42 Paul Houston Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:39
43 Lok Man Andrew Chung Senior M 00:11:40
44 Murray Robertson Senior M 00:11:41
45 Ian Goudie Super Vet M Scottish Veteran Harriers 00:11:41
46 Katherine Hylands Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:42
47 Christopher Smith Super Veteran M 00:11:47
48 Dimitrios Sotiriou Senior M 00:11:52
49 Tom Pendrey Senior M Glasgow Tri Club 00:11:55
50 Russell Gilbert Senior M 00:11:58
51 Lesley McArdle Senior F 00:11:59
52 Vaclav Svoboda Senior M 00:12:00
53 Neil Scott Senior M 00:12:05
54 Ross Anderson Senior M 00:12:07
55 David Sabate Veteran M 00:12:09
56 Iain Macdonald Veteran M 00:12:12
57 David McDonald Senior M 00:12:15
58 David Boag Super Vet M Bellahouston Roadrunners 00:12:18
59 Scott Angus Super Veteran M 00:12:18
60 Craig Pollock Veteran M 00:12:19
61 iain Muirhead Veteran m 00:12:21
62 Martin Kay Veteran M Law & District 00:12:31
63 Linda Woodcraft Senior F 00:12:32
64 Finlay Macrae Veteran M 00:12:37
65 Alan Dempster Veteran M 00:12:38
66 Mark Waters Senior M Team GB 00:12:39
67 Martin Boath Senior M 00:12:44
68 Robert Cleary Senior M 00:12:49
69 Paul White Senior M 00:12:50
70 Graham Wright Veteran M 00:12:52
71 Cameron Ferguson Super Veteran M 00:12:55
72 Paul Chapman Senior M 00:12:57
73 Jack Bryant Veteran M 00:13:00
74 David Cooney Super Vet M Cambuslang Harriers 00:13:03
75 Simon Porter Senior M 00:13:09
76 Peter Rudzinski Super Vet M Clydesdale Harriers 00:13:12
77 Iain Crawford Veteran M 00:13:15
78 Tony Vassileiou Senior M 00:13:16
79 Anne Scott Veteran F 00:13:32
80 Derek Clifford Senior M 00:13:37
81 Xiaochuan Wu Senior M 00:13:40
82 Scott Gallacher Senior m 00:13:41
83 Iain Campbell Super Veteran F 00:13:44
84 Paula Anderson Senior F 00:13:50
85 William Mitchell Super Vet M Cambuslang Harriers 00:13:59
86 Marion McSherry Veteran F 00:14:01
87 David Rogan Senior M 00:14:01
88 Shirley MacNab Super Vet F Kirkintilloch Olympians 00:14:14
89 Karen Speirs Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:14:36
90 Tom Keenan Super Vet M Bellahouston Harriers 00:14:38
91 Andrew Gallacher Veteran M 00:14:43
92 Barbara Watt Veteran F 00:14:44
93 Celia Thompson Super Veteran F 00:15:09
94 Fiona Sweeney Senior F 00:15:16
95 Liz Deans Super Veteran f grl 00:15:57
96 John Softley Super Vet M Bellahouston Harriers 00:15:58
97 Mark McKeown Senior M 00:16:00
98 Donna Black Senior F 00:16:30
99 Sarah Berry Veteran F 00:16:38
100 Marta Oleszczuk Senior F 00:16:59
101 Kimberley Elliott Senior F 00:17:19
102 Caitlin Coyle Senior F 00:17:50
103 Eileen Heuston Veteran F 00:18:11



Note: There will be no event in Sept due to the park being used by the Great Run




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