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One, one, one and Ross MacKenzie and Gillian Blee won one too

Thumbs Up from Ross

A healthy turnout of one hundred and eleven runners our largest turnout since March took part in the October edition of the ‘best wee race in Scotland’.Nairn born, Ross MacKenzie is in the form of his life and having a tremendous 2017 so it was no real surprise to see him continue his recent success which saw him clock up a PB of 16:07 at Victoria parkrun (5k) on Saturday by winning the 3k on the Green in a time of 9:21, more than thirty seconds faster than his previous best time (9:52) achieved in August.  

In an excellent field, representatives from seven different clubs placed in the top ten by completing the fast and flat course in less than ten minutes. Helensburgh’s Jason Bell ran his second fastest 3k but had to settle for second place with a time of 9:30, nine seconds behind the unattached MacKenzie and two seconds ahead of Cambuslang’s Shaun Butler.

Greenock Glenpark Harrier, Andrew White placed first Veteran with a time of 10:02 with Kirkintilloch Olympian, James Gallacher winning the Super Vet race in 10:29.

Gill Blee

In the women’s races, Gill Blee crossed the line first with a time 11:43, a huge improvement on her last outing (12:22 in May 2017) and thirteen seconds ahead of Cambuslang’s Lesley McArdle who ran a Season’s Best (SB) of 11:56 to place second.  Bellahouston Harrier, Angela Campbell earned the third spot and was the first Female Vet over the line, with an SB 12:58.

Kirkintilloch dominated the Super Vet races, with Ada Stewart placing first FSV with a time of 13:28.


Congratulations to all of them and to the rest of the 111 runners who completed the best wee race in Scotland and also helped to raise funds for this month’s charity ‘Social Bite – Sleep in the Park’.

As usual, many thanks to Race Director, Al Murray and his small band of volunteers for giving up their time and organising such a great event.  Al will be Sleeping in the Park (Princes Street Gardens) on the night of 9 December 2017.

You can donate to his Virgin Money Giving Page at:



See you on the last Friday of November at 12:30.

Full Results

1 Ross MacKenzie Senior M 00:09:21
2 Jason Bell Senior M Helensburgh AC 00:09:30
3 Shaun Butler Senior M Cambuslang Harriers 00:09:32
4 Chris Mooney Senior M Greenock Glenpark Harriers 00:09:39
5 Colin Langan Senior M Newport Harriers 00:09:41
6 Andrew White Veteran M Greenock Glenpark Harriers 00:09:41
7 Craig Lamont Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:09:42
8 Chris Barlas Senior M Inverclyde AC 00:09:51
9 Colin Whitby Senior M Irvine Running Club 00:09:56
10 Graeme Laing Senior M 00:09:58
11 Stuart Scott Senior M Helensburgh 00:10:00
12 John Coyle Veteran M Garscube Harriers 00:10:02
13 Richard Cooper Veteran M 00:10:03
14 David Simpson Veteran M 00:10:08
15 Steven Prentice Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:10:09
16 Craig Holmes Senior M 00:10:10
17 Craig Eadie Senior M 00:10:14
18 Craig Stewart Senior M Kilbarchan 00:10:18
19 David Cunningham Veteran M Glasgow Tri Club 00:10:19
20 Mark King Veteran M Glasgow South Road Runners 00:10:21
21 David McMillan Senior M 00:10:24
22 James Gallacher Super Veteran M Kirkintilloch Olympians 00:10:29
23 Chris MacNeil Senior M 00:10:35
24 Ian Sim Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:10:35
25 Mark Sweeney Senior M 00:10:38
26 Eddie Neilson Veteran M 00:10:39
27 David Gifford Senior M J P Morgan RC 00:10:40
28 Euan Crumley Veteran M Helensburgh 00:10:41
29 Grant Matheson Super Veteran M Falkirk Victoria 00:10:42
30 Dimitrios Sotiriou Senior M 00:10:43
31 David Holgate Senior M 00:10:44
32 Philip Knight Veteran M 00:10:48
33 Iain MacIsaac Veteran M 00:10:55
34 Gordon Stewart Veteran M 00:11:01
35 Scott Love Senior M PH Racing Club 00:11:10
36 Arthur Duggan Veteran M Motherwell AC 00:11:14
37 Stephen Leahy Senior M 00:11:15
38 Owen McWilliams Senior M 00:11:16
39 Stuart Lorraine Super Veteran M 00:11:16
40 Colin Porter Veteran M Giffnock North 00:11:17
41 Andrew Cameron Super Veteran M 00:11:18
42 Rob Mussett Super Veteran M Central AC 00:11:19
43 Stuart Donald Senior M Garscube Harriers 00:11:20
44 Nick Ruane Veteran M Jog Scotland 00:11:21
45 Andrew McCafferty Senior M 00:11:27
46 Chris Bell Veteran m Kilbarchan 00:11:27
47 David Eames Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:11:28
48 Ian Thurlbeck Super Veteran M Westerlands 00:11:30
49 James Clifford Senior M Glasgow Frontrunners 00:11:30
50 Graeme Ritchie Senior M 00:11:35
51 Andrew Webster Senior M 00:11:37
52 Iain Mcfarlane Senior m 00:11:38
53 Christopher Smith Super Veteran M 00:11:40
54 John McParland Senior M Motherwell AC 00:11:40
55 Steven Grant Veteran M 00:11:41
56 Neil Scott Senior M 00:11:41
57 Gillian Blee Senior F 00:11:43
58 Colin Anderson Veteran M 00:11:44
59 Steven Hill Senior M Kilbarchan 00:11:48
60 Stephen Wright Senior M 00:11:50
61 Finlay Macrae Veteran M 00:11:52
62 John Brown Veteran M 00:11:53
63 Derek Somerville Veteran M 00:11:55
64 Lesley McArdle Senior F 00:11:56
65 Eddie Carr Super Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:11:59
66 Alan Wylie Super Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:12:11
67 Alasdair Rae Senior M 00:12:15
68 Ross Anderson Senior M 00:12:21
69 Simon McDougall Senior M Bellahouston Harriers 00:12:24
70 Jonathan Love Senior M 00:12:25
71 David Graham Senior M G72 Tri 00:12:26
72 Brian Carr Veteran M 00:12:31
73 Iain Muirhead Veteran m 00:12:33
74 Robert Cleary Senior M 00:12:37
75 Jason Rae Senior M 00:12:39
76 Gareth Shields Veteran m 00:12:40
77 John Cunningham Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:12:48
78 Maher Hussein Senior M 00:12:56
79 Angela Campbell Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:12:58
80 David Edelman Super Veteran M 00:12:59
81 Alison Locke Senior F Garscube Harriers 00:13:00
82 Philip O’Neil Veteran M 00:13:00
83 Anne Scott Veteran F 00:13:02
84 Alasdair Beaton Senior M 00:13:02
85 Rebecca Simister Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:13:05
86 Tim Welsh Veteran M 00:13:09
87 Claire Fitzsimmons Senior F Bellahouston Harriers 00:13:11
88 John Speirs Super Veteran M 00:13:15
89 Pascal Luders Senior M 00:13:18
90 Katrina Denholm Senior F Glasgow Dental Hospital & School runners 00:13:23
91 Ada Stewart Super Veteran F Kirkintilloch Olympians 00:13:28
92 John Connor Super Veteran M 00:13:40
93 Graeme Aitken Veteran M 00:13:45
94 William Mitchell Super Veteran M Cambuslang Harriers 00:13:47
95 Gordon Campbell Super Veteran M 00:13:50
96 Jocelyn Greer Veteran F 00:13:57
97 Gillian McGale Veteran F Springburn Harriers 00:14:05
98 Michael Daw Super Veteran M 00:14:31
99 Andrew Gallacher Veteran M 00:14:32
100 Steven Sanzone Senior M 00:14:59
101 John McGarry Super Veteran M Irvine Running Club 00:15:04
102 Frazer Howie Senior M 00:15:31
103 Liz McGarry Super Veteran F Irvine Running Club 00:15:38
104 Liz Deans Super Veteran F grl 00:15:40
105 Marta Oleszczuk Senior F 00:16:07
106 John Softley Super Veteran M Bellahouston Harriers 00:16:13
107 Lorraine Souter Veteran F 00:17:44
108 May Blackburn Super Veteran F 00:18:36
109 Dave Slater Veteran M Jog Scotland 00:19:00
110 Alex Heron Super Veteran M 00:24:29
111 Cecilia Heron Super Veteran F 00:30:42

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