Great Run Local 5k (2 Nov 16)

I decided to run the Great Run Local 5k in Glasgow on Wednesday 2 November with my faithful friend Jack. We’ve been doing the 2k, which is a straight out and back event. The 5k is more convoluted and goes over the Squigly Bridge, not just once but four times. It can get a bit congested on the bridge, particularly in the summer but as winter has now arrived, I thought I’d give it a go.

We didn’t want to get in anyone’s way, so we just ran a steady race for the first four kilometres and then increased the pace a bit for the final kilometre. Jack had a ‘pit stop’ in the 4th k but we still finished in a time of 22:13. The 5th k took us four minutes to complete. I’m not unhappy at a pace of 4min/k. I just need to run it, or faster, more regularly.



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