Credo the Coder

Ma dog is mixed-breed, but a handsome pet.
He’s a Coder, a cross between a Cane
Corso and a Lapponian Herder.
He fits in with the décor of ma hame.
His Roman flat and convergent forehead,
his grey Finnish fur, and ears pricked skyward.
We call him Credo, he’s a faithful soul.
He’s got a strange diet. Why? I don’t know.
But he’ll only eat Eden apples cored.
It’s the one thing he’s dogmatic about.
Since we found him lost in Ocred’s old church,
I’ve searched in our father’s sacred orchard,
for some forbidden fruit, that he’ll eat whole,
but there’s still no answer to ma praying.
Ian S Goudie ©2022



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All Right Jack

June 13, 2022

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